Protected Information Destruction: 4 Solutions to Destroy A tough Generate

Are you seeking for ways regarding how to demolish your disk drive? Here are some of these:


When heat will not demolish facts it’ll help in turning your platters into liquid piles. There are a number of how on how to melt away the product. Among the means is by using hearth. This may be within the fire or hobo barrel. All you will need to try and do should be to toss the device within the hearth after which depart it there for some time.

Yet another way is through the use of a blow torch. Below you may need to put on some protecting gear, keep the platter at length and view it soften.

If you’re an adventurous disk drive destroyer, you could use a thermite. You need to fill a large container with sand and then location the platter on the sand. You ought to then mild a container of thermite about the platter. This technique generates a whole lot of heat that destroys the hard disk.

You can also use sugar and saltpeter. You must blend sugar and saltpeter within a soda can and area it about the tricky disk.

Whilst burning will damage the device, you have to be cautious. For example, you should stay clear of undertaking the strategy indoors as it tends to create fumes which have been unsafe. The system is also harmful mainly because occasionally you’ll find explosions that may be unsafe.


This really is the in all probability the swiftest and most immediate technique for destroying the platter. You require to position the hard disk with a difficult surface after which hit it which has a hammer. You need to make sure that you have on protective gear. One example is, it is best to put on goggles and basic safety gloves.

You ought to also make sure that you are the only particular person inside the area. This is often to avoid hurting anybody with traveling bits of glass and metallic.

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